Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Be Silent

Be silent

The one who was lynched
For devouring what he loved
Is not your father!
Forget him
For he died a death
He well deserved
Like a street dog…
They shouted
As they pointed the trident
Towards the man next door.
Be silent
She deserved to be raped
For she seduced us
With her marble-like eyes
And voluptuous body
At the age of two…
Screamed the phallic voices
Proud of their machismo
And they moved on
To the next street
Where blood was flowing
Be silent
Almighty had
Preordained his death
For, the he was to be grown to
Question the king
Yelled  the mob in one voice
Kicking the charred body of a toddler
That still hugged the teddy bear on its chest.
As the bloodstained boots
Trampled the
Little sprouts of green
The emperor pointed to the dark skies and said.
We are conquering new heights
And the stars of good days
Have risen in the horizon…

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