Saturday, March 21, 2015

Of Hitler and the matrimony market.

Vellithruthi Thazhathu Karutha Patteri Raman Bhattathiripad became VT Bhattathiripad and then simply VT in his efforts to “transform Brahmans into human beings”. Now, had he been alive and happened to see the matrimonial advertisement on television he would have committed suicide. Not once but many times!
If you want to progress in life you should marry a person from your own community, say today’s campaigns, blatantly so.
Want to prosper in life? Then marry a Christian if you are a Christian, marry a Nair if you are a Nair, marry an Ezhava if you are an Ezhava, they proclaim. No doubt we can expect sub-community matrimonial campaigns soon, because many such matrimonial classified advertisements are already there in the newspapers and websites, too.
Don’t know why the scheduled castes have been left out! Do the campaigners want to say that a person from scheduled caste cannot make progress if he or she marries someone from own community? Or is it that they are yet to make a potential component of the marriage market?
When a pseudo-progressive society deliberately makes ‘community beings’ out of human beings, it is nothing but natural for such obscenity to take shape even in the form advertisements. After all, the advertisements are the reflections of a attitude of a society. And the human beings are left out here, luckily though.
I would like to believe that the SC/ST communities don’t come under any of this category in the matrimonial advertisement market because they are simply human beings who cannot be put within any community bracket. They are the sons and daughters of the soil, which we cleverly stole wielding the baton of casteism.
When a society that claims to be progressive puts every community in water tight compartments they actually propagate the dangerous concept of the ‘purity of blood’, reminding the terror called Adolf Hitler and the racial laws (better known as Nuremburg Laws or Anti-Jewish laws) in the Nazi Germany.
As per records, Hitler outlined laws to protect the ‘German blood’ by regulating the marriage conflicts between those identified as Aryans and Non-Aryans. He wanted to ensure the survival of the Aryan race by blood purity and those who acted against this law were deemed to have committed the crime of ‘rassenschande’, a ‘racial crime’ by ‘polluting’ a race.

Not so long back the so-called outcastes were not permitted to take water from the wells used by the ‘upper caste’ in Kerala like other parts of the country. And when such community segregations make a comeback strongly and shamelessly, is it that we are heading back towards that black age? If so let’s clone Hitler to rule us.