Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Malayalam commercials or the art of raping a language

Malayalees play a big role in the advertisement industry in the country, it is said. And, no doubt, Kerala is the most powerful market of the consumer products. But when it comes to the voice given in the commercials why we are so artificial? Of course, one can understand the artificially ugly voice given to dub the voice of Hindi actors to give it an ‘original’ feel but why our girls make ‘zzzzzz’ out of ‘s’ thus vulgarly making ‘Malyalm’ out of Malayalam? Can the post-modern ‘mothers’ of the language provide a convincing answer?

And why all the children who dub for Malayalam advertisements either speak in English accent or the accent of some other alien languages? Is it that such distortion of the voice and the language give a commercial mileage? It is for the advertisement agencies to answer.
Earlier I thought that the agencies want an ‘elitist’ flair to the commercials and maybe they thought the original accent will not give it. If so the same should be the case of all other languages too, which is not the case. While the kids and ladies in Tamil commercials, speak chaste Tamil, the chastity has been long lost in Malayalam commercials. Why? I have no answer. But one thing is for sure – there is some element of perversion somewhere.

If artificiality is the problem with the private commercials, when it comes to the government advertisements released by the DAVP and others in Malayalam, the problem is not limited to the atrocious voice they even invent even more atrocious words breaking all our notions about language and syntax with their ‘SOCHANALAYA’ Malayalam. Unfortunately, the authorities keep mum or feign ignorance when our dear friends repeatedly rape our mother tongue with their voice and syntax, after ‘toileitfying’ it!!

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