Wednesday, October 16, 2013

The Snake

You recounted the
Snakebites of love,
The rivulet that flows
Through the veins,
Diffusing blue into blood,
The white angels of heaven
Who longed to embrace darkness.
Birds that take wings
To the frozen hills of death
Sang the last hymn to God,
The little rainbow
Went missing in the Ocean,
There began the flood
And we began searching for our blood.
When the earth splits into two
We would bloom in love,
You dreamed
A lone tree in the wasteland
The unborn chick that
Drives its bill
Through the shell
To the wide universe
Then on and on you
Swam in the little ponds
Of forgotten times.
Rowing down the
Spectrum of memories
A lone star glittered in your eyes
In the stillness of time
You hatched forgetfulness.
Through the darkness
Of your slumber
A little snake crept
In search of deserts.

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