Monday, October 28, 2013

Crossing the river

When you come into mind
I dream the river that longed to
stream back to the foggy mountains
and the snow hut of Santa Clause.
When you come into mind
Gushes in my heart the sudden downpour
in the misty Christmas eve
and the lamb that was washed off in the flood.
One rainy day, you told me that
wavelets are the ECG of river.
Like the feeble heartbeat
nailed between drought and flood.
You said one can hear the music of heavens
While touching the ECG of river.
But what I heard was a deep sob
(Was it from the depth of your soul?).
There is a river between you and me
That we never dared to cross.
Like the arrow-line between the hunter and bird
Like death never be put off.
When I read the ECG of river
I feel the wails of an unseen soul.
The bleeding heart that was once
Crucified to the dissection board.
When I place my feet in the river
I see you, full moon blossomed in darkness.
And I freeze in the river, a statue of water
Like the unspoken word that choked the throat.

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